6 tricks to last longer in bed with Delhi Escorts

The average of what men last in a sexual relationship until the moment of ejaculation is 10 minutes. According to what was published a while ago in a national research on sexual habits in India, we can assure that a large part of the population is not proud of the time they hold in bed (70%) and would like to improve their brand. With beautiful escorts in Delhi, for example, many of the clients say that they would like to be able to take better advantage of the time they have paid. If you are in this group and want to improve the time it takes to ejaculate, it is best that you put into practice the following tricks that will help you to be a marathon runner.

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1) Masturbate for at least 15 minutes

One of the main problems of men when they masturbate is that we tend to be quite selfish (which is what our imagination is for). Try doing it thinking about her orgasm in mind instead of yours, and in this way you will train your body to focus attention on ejaculation when you practice sex. Another good way to train the duration of our endurance is to approach until the point of “point of no return”, but without ejaculating and waiting until you can continue with masturbation.

2) For the moment of over excitement

If pain during sex already supposes a whole tide of over excitation of our body and we are in full act, it can be a good idea to press the famous “stop” button on our organ in order to delay the moment of ejaculation. This is achieved by stopping and pressing under the glans, which will push the blood out of the organ and immediately suppress the ejaculatory response. Of course, better walk with an eye and not press too hard, because we do not want to spoil the ejaculation in addition to sexual intercourse.

3) Control your excitement

It seems very easy to say, but very difficult to do. Controlling our excitement requires practice, since we are talking about an intuitive impulse that is activated automatically when we are with Delhi call girls that we like. In this sense, it can help you to know that the sexual excitement of man has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm and ending. The secret is in recognizing the moment in which you find yourself, in order to know when to apply a pause. To practice, the next time you have a sexual relationship with a luxury Aerocity escorts, give a note to your excitement that goes from 0 to 10 and try to keep you always in 7. Maybe at this point you should know some tips have better erections

4) Urinating thinking about sex

While you urinate you can apply different techniques that will help you control sexual desire. The “kegel” is a technique developed precisely for this purpose, since it serves to strengthen the muscles responsible for controlling ejaculation. It is about cutting and resuming the flow of urine while urinating, in order to familiarize yourself with the muscles that control the flow. To do it completely perfect, it is best to squeeze the muscles for 10 seconds before releasing again.

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5) Double or nothing

Most men endure much more the second time they have sex, so if the first time has not gone as expected, the best thing is that you try a second time and forget what happened. If you have paid an hour with escorts in Aerocity and you have finished in 10 minutes, do not worry, surely the second time you try it will be much better. When she climbs on top, over excitation will be much less, since the stimulation that the organ receives in this position is lower than when it is.

6) Be a gentleman

Surely you have heard the saying that says “ladies first”. Well, the time has come to comply with it in a really useful way for the woman, well beyond removing the chair before she sits down or opening the door for her to enter. If you get the woman to reach orgasm before you, you will be taking pressure off, in addition to ensuring that she will be satisfied. With a Delhi escorts Shivani this is not so necessary, since the main mission of this meeting is that you are the one who receives pleasure, but if it is to endure more, it will be very useful to make her arrive earlier and ensure that the Sexual climate between them is much more pleasant.

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